While the epidemic of COVID-19 The whole world is expanding. The number of infected people has surpassed 130 million people worldwide, affecting many business sectors. But on the other hand, the consequences of the COVID-19 epidemic Back to pushing up Thailand's exports of "rubber gloves" in 2020 to a record 95% increase. And is likely to continue to grow As the world has increasingly turned to the importance of importing the use of anti-epidemic equipment. As a result, the industry continues to expand with global rubber glove sales.

Year 2018 is 256 billion pieces.

Year 2019 was 282 billion pieces.

2020 is projected at 338 billion pieces

Year 2021 is projected at 422 billion pieces.

QE Gloves (Thailand) Co., Ltd. is in the process of continuously expanding, increasing fundraising registered capital and constructing factory-sized buildings. With large machines Including a large wastewater treatment area to support the EIA standard It is expected that by the end of 2021 QE Gloves (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

will have a production capacity of millions of pieces per month. To support the medical glove market in the country and abroad, such as the United States. And Latin America as well as European countries And Australia This is the main market target of QE Gloves (Thailand) Co., Ltd.,

along with improving glove production efficiency, in line with management guidelines and the vision of "Protect touch with care.

Thai gloves protect the world. Rubber gloves are more than just a necessity. But it is a fine hand wearable. That gives you peace of mind To the wearer around the world every time they use